Clay Station

 Life in Dhaka has become too hectic, too rushed, and too impersonal. The busier people get, the more they need to slow things down, to unplug from technology, to reconnect with family, friends and themselves. Clay Station is simply a venue for rejuvenating the soul. It provides an opportunity for relaxed social interaction; creative exploration and simple hands-on play with clay. We call it FUN ART, not fine art. Anyone can do it..…and everyone should!

Clay Station is located in the heart of Banani with an indoor & outdoor setting facing the serene lake for a spectacular view – a perfect getaway in the middle of Dhaka from all its hustle and bustle. Clay Station offers pottery painting, pottery throwing and pottery making for walk-in customers of all ages and abilities. A fun new, spacious, upscale, and clean studio designed to allow anyone to be an artist for the day. It came in play on May 2016 by founder Sharmin Ahmed and co founder Sayeed Chowdhury to curve out a very special place in people’s heart. No one needs to be an artist to spend quality time at Clay Station, as our in-house Master Ceramist is here to help you on your creative journey.

As therapeutic benefits of working with clay are considerable and well documented we are committed to deliver a “remarkable” customer experience focused on lasting customer relationships, meaningful connections and value that transcends price. Our goal is to keep customers coming back with an exciting and ever-changing product line, lively studio happenings and active community involvement.

Thank you for visiting the Clay Station site. We hope to see you soon at the studio!

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