Play with Clay

Our out-door lake-facing studio setup is specially featured to enjoy seriously messy, sensory play sessions exploring clay
in all its glorious forms. There are considerable benefits of playing with clay from our studio in Clay Station.

Experience ‘hands on’ real clay with an exciting variety of making techniques.

Small friendly groups ensure maximum attention from our experienced potter, always on hand to guide and offer advice.

Big emphasis on having fun and learning via enjoyment.

Fantastic results every time. Your clay masterpiece will need to dry thoroughly before it can be fired.

How does “Play with Clay” work?

We have unlimited supply of high quality clay mixture. You can bring your own design or choose one from our menu, choose a spot and build your own masterpiece!


No studio fees – We don’t rush creativity, so you can take as much time as you want.

We only charge for the materials you use to build your piece. Prices are subjective to the amount of clay, firing, and any other accessories used.

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