“Most wonderful and refreshing way to spend time in Dhaka. My perfect kind of relaxation.” -– Mubashshira Noor, Clay Station Customer.

“Everything else doesn’t matter for that hour, two hours, three hours, for whatever length of time that person is scheduled to be here,” says Gray, “Nothing else really matters but that clay in front of them. And that is so huge! It’s such an escape for everybody.”
– Pottery Studio Owner in USA.

Citron has been working with three physically challenged boys who have tactile difficulties. Their mothers bring them to the House of Clay, and join in the sessions as needed to help their kids use their hands. “It was the first time they had real smiles on their faces while they were doing it,” she says. “They felt an immediate reward for their actions, which you can only get from being involved with the clay. – House of Clay in USA.

“Here you get to go from start to finish,” says Citron, “You have your idea, you mold it, you form it, you shape it, you paint it, you do everything.” “The ownership and confidence and self esteem that comes with that process is amazing,” says – Gray, owner of House of Clay.

”I realized that when you focus just on the clay, you’re distracted from your problems, especially if you’re in distress,” she said. ”Best of all, clay is magical. There is no right or wrong. Whatever you produce helps increase a feeling of self worth.” – NY Times.

”This work helps me get in touch with the inner child in me, helps me get in touch with my creative flow,” he said. ”I’m talented on the wheel, and I love to paint the pieces.” – NY Times.

“Not just for kids! I celebrated my 30th birthday at Eastnor Pottery and a group of friends. It was an awesome day out, and we’ll all get to take home our creations once fired.” – Eastnor Pottery Customer