Little Ones

School Holiday Workshops –

Themed workshops will take place every school holiday. Sessions designed for 4-8 years & 9-12 years with favorite theme of that season to excite and keep the little ones productively busy during school off days. Look out for coming up events!

Introduction to Free Hand Building

The objective of the course is to acquaint children with hand building techniques, instilling an interest in art, while offering a platform to hone their creative skills. A great after-school program that gives participants the freedom to learn at their own pace in an environment that is fun, friendly and creative

Age : 6 years &  above
Session : 6+1*

Weekdays: 1 session – 1.5 Hours
Weekends: 1 session – 1.5 Hours

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Introduction to Throw at Wheel:

If you want some exposure to wheel throwing and would like to refine your skills further, this course is right for you. Designed to help students perfect fundamental techniques like wedging, centering, pulling and trimming while throwing and altering basic shapes, it prepares them for intermediate training. It’s a good refresher for those who are out of practice as well.

Duration : 4 sessions + 1*
Age : 6 years &  above

Weekday: 1 session – 1.5 hours
Weekend: 1 session – 1.5 hours

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Anyone can do it…and everyone should! Starting from as young as 3 years old,  we encourage all parents to assist their children in the world of creative exploration to improve their motor skill, building development, increase self –confidence by exercising their creativity.